Startup and Innovator Visa Successful Cases

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Start Up and Innovator Case Studies

Sincere Immigration’s business consulting team provides clients with customised business plans and training, with most clients being granted visas without having to be interviewed by Home Office. From start up to innovator visas, Sincere Immigration has accumulated nearly 100 successful immigration cases.

1.      Start Up Visa – One of the First 10 applicants to have been granted a Start Up visa

Mr N was one of the first applicants to receive an endorsement for a Start Up visa from a UK higher education institution.

The immigration lawyers at Sincere Immigration kept up with the latest information provided by the Home Office. Even before the Home Office had formally announced the opening of the Start Up visa route, our immigration lawyers already identified that the university at which Mr N studied was on the list of authorised bodies and was able to obtain the university’s endorsement on behalf of the client immediately.

Our professional business consulting team began discussions with Mr N in February to understand his professional interests, background, experience, intentions etc. to develop a suitable business plan for him. Before the final draft of the business plan was completed, our business consulting team made sure that Mr N’s experience and comprehensive market research were highlighted, ensuring that the business plan was the best that it could be to help Mr N obtain his endorsement.

Following this, our team of lawyers proactively assisted in the preparation of the necessary documents and application forms for Mr N. After submitting the application form, he soon obtained his Start Up visa, and became our first client to be granted a Start Up visa.

2.      Start Up Visa – Application made within the UK, approved within 4 days

Ms K was a housewife of many years, who was in the UK accompanying her children whilst they studied. She graduated from a UK university during this period. After completing her studies, Ms K hoped to remain in the UK so that she could stay with her children.

Although she had little work experience, we found that Ms K had a higher education background and great academic knowledge. In accordance with the increased internationalisation of virtual digital technology, we conducted market research on the relevant sector in the UK before analysing and integrating the relevant economic data. Lastly, we worked with Ms K to come up with the idea of an education platform which suited her. Throughout the process, Ms K often came up with new ideas and had little confidence in herself. The business consultants and immigration lawyers at Sincere Immigration supported, encourage and guided her throughout the process, and continuously refined the business plan with Ms K for the best results.

In preparation for a possible interview with the Home Office, our lawyers and business consultants conducted multiple mock interviews with Ms K, going over possible questions that may be raised to Ms K. This was so that she would be more familiar with the process and be able to adapt and respond appropriately to the interviewer’s questions.

Thanks to the detailed visa application preparations by our immigration lawyers, Ms K was granted her visa without an interview within 4 days as a result of special policies adopted during the lockdown period. Ms K was very satisfied with and confident in the business model that we prepared together with her and could not wait to get started.

3.      Innovator visa – overseas application, no experience of studying in the UK, no interview

This teacher, Mr S, immigrated to the UK for his family. He had hoped to start his own business in the UK. Mr S had an IT-related education and a teaching background and had little idea of which visa to apply for at first. During a conversation with one of our immigration lawyers, our lawyer quickly learned that Mr S had sufficient work experience and recommended that he apply for an Innovator visa so that he could apply for permanent residence as soon as possible as he had hoped.

Mr S decided to follow our recommendation and shortly after, our business consulting team swiftly organised an initial business consultation with him. Mr S’s work experience and intentions were very clear and after the discussion, he decided on the direction of a technology related education business. After several further discussions and meetings, we established his point of innovation as being the integration of VR and new technology as applied in the field of education. Education and emerging technologies were all rising industries.

Our business consulting team then conducted market research and analysis to formulate a business plan for Mr S. The client had intended to relocate to the U within short time frame and we did our best to ensure that his plans could be met. While the client was communicating with the authorising body, we completed the business plan at the same time and Mr S obtained his endorsement within one month.

Following this, with the assistance of our immigration lawyers, Mr S was granted a visa without an interview. At present, Mr S and his family have already moved to the UK and he is soon to start his business venture in cooperation with well-known universities.


4.      Innovator Visa – Application submitted during lockdown, visa obtained quickly

Ms H and her child were both studying in the UK and contacted Sincere Immigration as recommended by her friend after she graduated in October 2019. As her Student visa was expiring soon, our immigration lawyers worked quickly with our business consulting team to determine the direction of her business plan before she left the country. After our immigration lawyers had an understanding of her background, Ms H agreed with our recommendation that she should aim for an Innovator visa.

Later, throughout the course of many discussions, we found that Ms H had many different types of work experience and that her thesis was focused on fashion. Our business consulting team therefore established a business model combining computer software and fashion. The point of innovation which our team developed was focused on software programme and related technology management. After numerous discussions with Ms H, market research and conducting several mock interviews, Ms H received her endorsement from an authorising body before leaving the UK.

As this was entirely during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic when the Home Office had made many sudden and temporary updates and changes to the Immigration Rules and all visa centers were temporarily closed, this made the application process all the more challenging. Our immigration lawyers constantly contacted the visa centers and Home Office to enquire about the progress of applications. Our lawyers stayed in constant communication with clients to ensure that their application forms, procedures and necessary documents were sufficient to meet the updated requirements.

In regard to Ms H’s application, after ascertaining that Innovator visa applications could be submitted within the UK according to temporary immigration rules in effect at the time, our immigration lawyers immediately got to work preparing the necessary legal documents for Ms H. Our business consulting team also prepared a quality and tailored business plan for her. In the end, even during the pandemic, Ms H was successfully able to obtain her visa as soon as the visa centers re-opened.

5.      Start Up Visa – Entrepreneurial team

Students N and J were fresh graduates from art schools who decided to apply for a Start Up visa as an entrepreneurial team 2 months before their Student visas expired. Due to their tight schedules, our immigration lawyers and business consulting team worked together to come up with a comprehensive plan. The two clients were able to apply for the endorsement in a very short period of time.

The business consulting team at Sincere Immigration immediately understood the team’s interests, expertise and background, also looking through the pair’s portfolios. After several discussions with the two students, our professional business consultant came up with a business idea focused on digital fashion design. After setting this direction, Sincere’s team did extensive market analysis before drafting and developing a business plan for the students. Following submission of the proposal, the endorsing body issued an endorsement for both applicants within 2 weeks.

Although one of the students did not make sufficient financial preparations prior to their applications, our lawyers worked with the client to solve this issue so that they were successfully granted a visa.

6.      Innovator Visa – Isle of Man application

Our client, a Hong Kong national, was a property manager with extensive experience in the industry who wanted to relocate to the Isle of Man with his family. The Isle of Man, with its lower cost of living, temperate climate, stunning views, and its favourable tax regime, was the perfect destination for our client’s needs.

The team at Sincere Immigration worked to come up with an idea for our client’s business, focusing on his experience and interests. After exploring both his hobbies and his professional background, our business team came up with an innovative, scalable and viable idea that combined our client’s expertise in real estate with blockchain and AI technology.

Isle of Man Innovator visa applicants must obtain an endorsement from the island’s Department for Enterprise (DfE). Our team continuously followed up with our client’s endorsement application to the DfE, asking the DfE for periodic updates and even pitching the rough business idea to the DfE before a formal application was made.

With our team’s assistance in the completion of the endorsement application form and preparation of the necessary documents to be sent to the DfE, our client promptly received his endorsement.

Following his endorsement, the Sincere Immigration team continued to assist with our client and his family’s visa applications, remaining in continuous communication to ensure that all necessary documents were uploaded prior to the family’s biometric appointments.

So long as you have the passion for starting a business, even if you do not have a refined business idea, you can still apply for a visa with our professional guidance. Sincere Immigration’s goal is not only a successful visa application but also that clients may be able to realise their dreams of starting a business in the UK with our assistance.

Sincere Immigration is an immigration firm based in central London with the highest level of accreditation from OISC. Our team has more than 10 years of experience in corporate and private immigration. If you have any related questions, please contact us.

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