Full Services


Education Consultation and Enrolment Package :

  1. Offer information and advice on private school options, based on your situation and needs as well as the child’s ability
  2. After discussion with you, we will shortlist 3 private schools of various tiers and register with the schools on your behalf
  3. Communicate with the schools regarding arrangement of school tours or Open Days, entrance examinations, interviews and scholarship assessment (if applicable)
  4. Provide guidance on how to prepare the child for the entrance examinations, scholarship assessment and interview, including providing mock exam papers and searching for qualified UK-based online tutors.


Education Consultation and School Catchment Property Search Package – State School


  1. Offer information and advice on state school options, based on your situation, needs and expectations, as well as the child’s ability
  2. Give guidance on enrolment to the schools
  3. Check with schools on vacancies of the corresponding school year as well as the in-year admission procedure
  4. Advise on how to catch up with the academic levels of the corresponding school years of the UK schools
  5. Advise on preparation for grammar school entrance exams, if applicable.
  6. Search for suitable properties in the catchment area of the targeted schools, according to the client’s budget and requirements (we have another package to deal with property viewings and follow up the whole procedure of property purchase/renting)