Tier 2 ICT (Intra-company Transfer)



‘Self-Sponsorship’ is a way to obtain a genuine Skilled Worker visa if you run a business in the UK and sponsor yourself under your own UK business.

The key requirements are the following:

  • You run a business or have identified a pre-existing business to takeover in the UK. Note that if you are already resident in the UK, you can open the business and manage the internal operations of the business if your visa allows you to do so. You can be the director and hold shares in the company.
  • You have either the degree, skills or experience in the nature of business that you have created or are establishing in the UK.
  • You have sufficient funds to run the business. Note that there is no minimum or maximum investment amount, rather it will depend on the nature of your business and its needs.
  • You have a settled or British Citizen to take on the responsibilities of an authorising officer or a Level 1 user as you cannot assign a Certificate of Sponsorship to yourself. Note that you can be appointed as a Level 1 user and be an authorising officer only if you are in the UK on the Start-Up route, Innovator route and Global Talent route. The only person who can be the authorising officer, Level 1 user and assign a COS is if you are in the UK on the UK Expansion route.
  • You have the ability to pass an approved English language test at B1 level or hold a UK degree or degree taught in English.

What is the process of self-sponsorship?

  • Have a UK company which is active and running;
  • Designate role of Authorising Officer, Level 1 User and Key Contact to eligible individuals in the business
  • Apply for a Sponsor Licence by providing documentation in support of the business such as Employers Liability Insurance Certificate, proof of business premises, corporate bank statements and PAYE Reference Number & Accounts (this list is not exhaustive)
  • Assign a Certificate of Sponsorship to the proposed individual
  • Apply for a Skilled Worker Visa

Once the Sponsor Licence is granted, you can then apply for the Skilled Worker visa providing you meet the requirements under the Skilled Worker route. Unlike the Innovator and Start-Up visa, there is no requirement to have an endorsing body and to have a business that is different than what is currently on the market.

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