The UK has always been one of the first choices for students looking to study overseas, at the same time it has been one of the most popular countries amongst parents looking to send their child abroad. The reason behind the UK’s popularity is, of course, not without reason.


Since the establishment of the Nobel Prize, 131 out of the 860 awardees have studied abroad; and of these 131, 38% have studied in the UK.


Of the world’s Top 100 authors, 32 are British; according to Wikipedia, 14 of the 100 influencers of world history are British; and British universities occupy the 6 positions in the world’s top 100 universities. These figures clearly demonstrate that the UK has a long strong history of achieving very significant results in the field of education.


British education is world-famous, with many world-class higher education institutions. Among the 300+ higher education institutions, in addition to the famous Oxbridge universities, there are many other quality universities, such as Imperial College London, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Durham University, University College London (UCL) etc. Every year, these institutions cultivate a significant number of experts who excel and contribute to their respective fields of study.


The British place much importance on the education of their children. In relation to education of children aged 5 and below, the UK government provides each family with a EYFS outline which sets out stages and goals of learning and development as well as any corresponding support which should be provided for the achievement of such targets. Primary schools in the UK are divided into state (public) schools and independent (private) schools, the latter of which includes the Preparatory School known as the “Grammar School Feeder”. Secondary schools in the UK are also split into public and private schools, with the latter including “Oxbridge Feeder” public schools, such as Westminster School and Eton College.


As a whole, the British education system is quite similar to that of China. Similarly, a child’s progression is from kindergarten, to primary school, secondary school, then university. However, there are also markable differences between the two systems. The table below illustrates the discrepancies that exist between the two systems and the differences between UK public and private schools.



Parents who have had experience with sending their children to study abroad with the UK will already have encountered the complexities involved in application procedures, the multiplicity and ever-evolving nature of entrance examination content, and the difficulties involved with juggling different school policies. In order to successfully admit a child into a quality UK school requires a fair amount of preparation; it is essentially an uphill battle.


The education team at Sincere Immigration is committed to creating a reputable overseas education brand in London, providing efficient, practical and tailored services to each international student and their parents.





  1. Basic assessment


Applicants can submit a “Student Assessment Form” on our website, which will provide our education consultants with a basic understanding of the student and the wishes of their parents.


  1. Interview consultation


Profession UK education consultants will conduct hour long consultations with students and parents to further understand the student’s standards and abilities. At the same time, consultants can also answer any queries that parents may have.


  1. Basic planning


Professional UK education consultants will design basic study abroad programmes and specific basic service frameworks based on the interviews.





  1. Overall process


The education team will assist students in collecting information about their indicated schools of interest; assist students in the preparation of materials necessary for school applications and registration; review and submit materials to schools on behalf of students.


  1. Personalisation


Intensive, personalised English training programmes will be devised for students. This includes the provision of school-specific professional guidance, conducting school-specific mock interviews, applying for open and trial days, and assisting students in the preparation of school-specific entrance exams.


  1. Providing advice throughout the process


Throughout the entire admissions process, from visiting schools, to submitting applications, sitting admission tests and any other admissions-related stages, a full and complete service will be provided by the consultants on the education team.




  1. Visa application


A dedicated team of UK lawyers will identify and provide professional legal services for various UK visas in accordance with the needs of different applicants. This includes the completion and submission of application forms, and assisting applicants in preparing the documents necessary for their visa applications.


The team can also assist Tier 1 applicants in their applications for UK business approval letters, provide business consultation services and assist in the formulation and creation of business plans.



  1. Tracking academic progress


The education team mainly aims to assist primary school students overseas (aged 4-16) who are looking to study in the UK. Once students are enrolled in UK schools, our education team will devise learning plans for students to ensure swift adaptations to the UK education system.


Various academic progress tracking services can also be provided and tailored to students. Services include schoolwork support and tutoring, Chinese and English language education, and assisting in the applications for extracurricular classes and activities.


  1. Accommodation


Information and queries on accommodation concerns can be provided and answered. For example, renting and home purchase advice, especially for properties surrounding the student’s intended school of choice, can be provided.


  1. Plane tickets and pick-ups from airports


Services relating to booking and ordering plane tickets and booking transportation from the airport are available.


  1. General enquiries


For students and their families to adapt to life in the UK as seamlessly and as soon as possible, we provide a series of related support services, such as assistance NHS registration, assistance with police registration, assisting in students’ school registration, providing information about life in the UK in general etc.


The professional teams at Sincere Immigration will accompany you throughout the entire process of applying to study abroad and applying for the relevant UK visas to ensure as smooth and stress-free an experience as possible.