Global Business Mobility Visa

Innovator visa

Global Business Mobility

With the aim of attracting businesses and highly skilled individuals to the UK, the route will simplify immigration to the UK for businesses by bringing together, reforming and expanding a number of previous routes. 

Global Business Mobility follows the point-base immigration system that the applicant has to gain points in areas mainly in sponsorship, having appropriate skill levels and salary at required levels. The route is divided into five subcategories, depends on the nature of job assignment will be undertaken by the applicant, they are:


Senior or Specialist Worker

Global Business Mobility – Senior or Specialist Worker is targeted overseas managers and specialist employees who are undertaking temporary work assignments in the UK and are being assigned to a UK business linked to their employer overseas. 

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Graduate Trainee

Global Business Mobility – Graduate Trainee is targeted overseas worker who are undertaking temporary work assignments in the UK and are on a graduate training course leading to a senior management or specialist position and is required to do a work placement in the UK

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UK Expansion Worker

Global Business Mobility – UK Expansion Worker is targeted overseas senior managers or specialist employee who is being assigned to the UK to undertake work related to an overseas business’ expansion to the UK. This route is suitable when the business has not yet began trading in the UK.

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Service Supplier

Global Business Mobility – Service Supplier is targeted workers who is either a contractual service supplier employed by an overseas service provider or a self-employed independent professional based overseas, to undertake an assignment in the UK to provide services covered by one of the UK’s international trade agreements.

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Secondment Worker

Global Business Mobility – Secondment Worker is targeted on workers who is being seconded to the UK as part of a high value contract or investment by their employer overseas and is being assigned to the UK to undertake temporary work assignments in the UK. 

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Sponsor License

Oversea businesses or businesses in the UK who wish their worker who falls into one of the above category to work in the UK, they need a sponsor license in order to sponsor the applicant. To apply, please find the details here …