Self-Sponsorship Visa

Tier 2 ICT (Intra-company Transfer)

Self-Sponsorship Visa


Self-Sponsorship visa is one route which may be suitable for you which can lead you to residing in the UK indefinitely and obtaining British nationality for yourself and your family.



To qualify, you would be required to:

  • Own and manage a business in the UK; or have identified a business opportunity in the UK;
  • Have either the degree, skills or experience in the company that you have created, or the company you are establishing in the UK;


You can be the Director and hold shares in the business whether it might be 50% or 100% whilst being able to sponsor yourself. To be able to sponsor yourself, you are required to obtain a Sponsor Licence. You are required to ensure that there is a person that is settled or British in the company to be able to act as the authorising officer.


Upon the grant of the Sponsor Licence, you can then apply for the Skilled Worker visa providing you meet the requirements under the Skilled Worker route. Unlike the Innovator and Start-Up visa, there is no requirement to have an endorsing body and to have a business that is different than what is currently on the market.